A Day To Remember Josh Woodward Accused of Sexual Assault

A Day To Remember bassist Josh Woodard has been accused of sexual assault after a series of tweets resurfaced, detailing sexual assault of a minor at 16 years of age.

One tweet that has since been deleted (but not before being screen captured) shared that Woodard invited a teen to an after-party, knowing her age (16 at the time), and Woodard asked the tour manager to keep her best friend company, and then she was brought into another area in which she and Woodard had sex.

The accusations are coming from the 2011-2012 timeline, according to the accompanying tweet, but many have not heard about it until now. As time goes on, more and more sexual assault allegations are coming to light, and the music industry is no exception to the ugly unveiling.

Users on social media platforms like TikTok are policing and spreading the word in the comments when someone uses a song from ADTR, letting them know of the allegations. One user informed us via TikTok that there were multiple allegations, but we, however, could only find the tweet above, with accompanying tweets informing others of that specific injustice, and tagging ADTR in hopes they will respond. Not that one tweet or accusation isn’t enough, but since the original tweet has now been deleted, it’s hard to track further accusations as they arise.

While searching through Twitter for more potential accusations, older tweets show that this may not be the first time that Woodard has been accused of bad behavior.

We will keep you informed as more information comes to light or if more accusations are released. A Day To Remember fans are tweeting and begging someone from ADTR to respond, release a statement, or to hear if Woodard will be dropped from the band.

As of right now, the band has not tweeted or posted to Instagram since June 8th.





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